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Operating schedule

How we operate

  1. How do we get the claims to you?

    You can forward the emails to us at an email specific to you. Or if you need us to go into Xactimate and pull the claims out, we can do that to. Or if you are using a different software, we will be happy to pull the claims from there also.

    Now that you have the capabilities on Xactimate, we can  create a spreadsheet, route and schedule directly from your account.

  2. How often do you call the homeowner?

    We call everyday, at least once, because we know you have to notate how often you try contact the homeowner in Xactimate. With us taking care of contacting the homeowner, it leaves you more time to get your work done.

  3. Do you charge more if you have to call the homeowner more than once?

    No, we have one flat fee per inspection. If we call one time or 50 times, it is all the same price of $15.00 per inspection

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Operating schedule

  1. How many hours do you work each claim?

    We work each claim until we contact someone, either by phone or the email provided. We do not work on a hourly rate, only per claim.

  2. Do you work weekends?

    Yes, we work everyday until all of your claims are contacted with the information provided.

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Adjusters schedule

  1. What if we need more time per claim?

    We will discuss with you, before we start scheduling, how long you need per claim. We will also put on the spreadsheet the square footage that is provided. So if we need to add more time, then it will not be a problem. We are constantly in contact with you, to help in any way possible.

  2. How soon can you start calling my claims?

    As soon as you send the claims to us. We know they have to be contacted within the first 24 hours.

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